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Understanding philanthropy

The eye of the Spirit and the Universal declaration of human beings.

Understanding Philanthropy. The eye of the Spirit and the Universal declaration of human beings. United Nations

Philanthropy is in the gaze. It talks about identity and identification.

When looking at another person, what do you see in her/him? how do you see yourself in relation to that person? Poor, rich, strong, weak, ignorant, educated, lucky, unlucky…? If you think that the other person needs what you have and only you can give (the world savior complex) then you live from the perspective of the illusion of separation. What you see in others is unconsciously a reflection of what you identify yourself with.

From this plane of existence, there will always have to be a conflict between opposites (poverty so there is wealth, war so there can be peace) and our actions inexorably lead us to the loop of destruction of human relationships.

The Greeks gave us this beautiful word that means love of mankind. LOVE understood as the powerful force underlying the entire Universe; the one that carries no emotional charge and allows you to see the others for what you also are, a LIGHT BEING in a continuous process of evolution, healing and learning.

As we make progress in our inner transformation (the evolution of consciousness, the "yellow brick road"…) the eye of the spirit opens and we see ourselves as small pieces of ONE humanity.

It is then when the human being declares himself free and equal to the entire human family. The conflict between the opposites is harmonized and another plane of existence is reached (that other place) , where it is possible to restore human relationships and to create a new l i fe of abundance, joy and wel lbeing; learning to share and to distribute the resources we are being given wisely and consciously.

Philanthropist is the human being who understands what being human means, who moves torwards the unifying universal principles, who sees every experience as an opportunity to learn or an opportunity to be the LIGHT that brightens someone else’s path.

Philanthropy is the métier of the person who has learned to look, love and identify with the HIGHER SELF and to become ONE with the others.

Published in Bubbles Vol. 2. The Spiritual Enterprse, towards unity consciousness.


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