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Les Belles Maisons, brilliant enterprises and qualitative management
Businesses and organizations qualitative growth and evolution. Corporate goveranance

Every person, company or organization has its own path and something unique to offer the world Sometimes (almost always) it just takes ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW and a different approach to any situation (whether it it is an important strategic decision or a simple everyday task...) to change course and open new paths. We adapt to every enquiry, project or taks to be done so we can serve everyone who asks us for advice the best we can.

Advisory and management services


Enterprise Architecture & Heritage

We cooperate in the envisioning and development of new directions with a renewed "business" philosophy (identity, purpose and management).



 We participate in the understanding and progress of any negotiation process with an open and multidimensional approach


Part of your team

We join your team to give support in qualitative operative and financial management.


Communication and expression

We work with language and expression to give birth to messages aligned with the heart and mission/vision of any organization.


Qualitative investments

We channel and distribute money and resources towards projects aligned with our "enterprise".



In Confidence...

We confidentially speak with any professional who wants to share with us his/her "concerns" and for some time "get out of their world" to gain perspective and clarity.

Do not say what your values are, show them and put them into practice every day.

Les Belles Maisons

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