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Les Belles Maisons Blanca López MBA Iese Business School

Welcome to this house!

Hello! My name is Blanca López García; I am a steadfast explorer of the amazing ART that is LIFE and CREATION... studying and understanding its symbology, solving its mysteries and "dilemmas"  is something I love and enjoy; revealing the hidden TRUTH and BEAUTY behind every person, object or situation... I learn day by day...

I share and communicate the work that i do motivated by the idea that it might inspire, encourage and help other people along their life / "business" paths just as others inspire, encourage and help me.


Les Belles Maisons is an experimental laboratory; an "enterprise" at the service of LIFE... on earth a meeting and re"connecting" place for people, businesses and organizations... a safe house for travelers in search of new routes.

I invite you to listen to the podcast (currently only in spanish). La (con)Ciencia de la empresa

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About me

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and an MBA from IESE Business School (2003 Class). I have more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance, business advisory, negotiation and entrepreneurial projects. Since I was a kid I have traveled to different places all over the world; Spain, France and the US are the three countries where I have mostly lived, studied and worked. 

Twelve years ago I decided to create Les Belles Maisons and what started as a "traditional" business venture it has turned out to be a fascinating inner transformation and self discovery journey that has led me to redefine my beliefs about life, work, and... "business".

Now I start a new LIFE PATH focusing my service on the development of new enterprise structures that lead us to unity consciousness and to reshape, among others, identity, purpose and the relationship with money so we (as one human family), can change course and positively and harmoniusly evolve for the benefit of life on earth. 

I am currently living in Burgos (Spain); I work on projects both locally and globally (I speak spanish, english, french and a bit of italian (although someone taught me once that when you speak from the heart, language is never a barrier); I teach as Associate Professor at Burgos University (UBU) together with other Professors in the following areas: Strategic Business Management, HR (People) Management and Entrepreneurship and SMB Management and have just embarked on a new adventure: do a PHD program (legal, economic and social sciences) in order to take advantage of my experience and delve into the research I've done over the past years.

Areas of knowledge and experience

  • Corporate metamorphosis: identity, vision & creation.

  • Qualitative management & the science of enterprises

  • Unity Communication & Language.

  • Qualitative investments.

  • Multidimensional projects.

  • The energy of money.

  • Enterprise architecture fundamentals, heritage.

  • Holistic analysis of structures and processes.

  • Negotiation: understanding conflict.

  • Complex projects and transactions.

  • Cultural and historic assets.

  • The role of emotions in organizations.

Schedule an appointment

If you want to talk to me for counselling or possible collaborations please send me a message via email or whatsapp. Fees for the work to be done are flexible,  tailored to each client and to the scope of the projects.

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