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We have made this web thanks to the people and organizations that show, share and open their gifts and talent with the world.  It does not matter if we know each other, if we are "physically" together in an office or not... directly or indirectly we all make part of a great team.  Blanca López García.

Images & Videos

A special thank you to the authors (of sources if we don't know the name) of the images and videos that are now part of Les Belles Maisons.

1. Asilah. Mohamed Nohassi. Unsplash.

2. Flower watercolor. Evie Shaffer. Unsplash

3. Video «Fragment of an sculpture». Multimedia Wix

4. Video «Forest». Multimedia Wix

5. Video «Shiny balls rolling down». Multimedia Wix

1. Sphere on a spiral staircase. Multimedia Wix

1. Video «Virtual reality». Multimedia Wix

2. Gravitational wave. Dynamic Wang. Unsplash

3. Open heart. Cdd20. Unsplash

4. Vision. Multimedia Wix

5. Orbis Terrae. Gaël Gaborel. Unsplash

1. Video «Architectural Hall». Multimedia Wix

2. Video «Hi». Multimedia Wix

3. Hide and seek. Multimedia Wix

4. Advice: Birdworld Kuranda. David Clode. Unsplash and Roots. Multimedia Wix

5. Communication: Milad Fakurian. Via Unsplash.

6. Study & research:  Streaks Traf  and Discovery. Jennifer Griffin. Unsplash


1. Video «Bubbles». Sahn Vit. Pixabay

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