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Heaven and Earth dance together in Mount Ararat

Ararat: high land and land of creation

View of Mount Ararat from Armenia

27 December 2023.

We say goodbye to 2023 with a view of Mount ARARAT thanks to two dear friends who have shared with us pics from their recent trip to Georgia and Armenia. This is one of those places that helps put things in perspective and where heaven and earth seem to be dancing together and united.

Because of its dimension it seems impossible to "capture it" with our small mobile cameras but its grand and reverential presence transcends the screen and the powerful energy it emanates allows us to sense that there is "something" special there (if it is already impressive to see the picture in the computer, 5.000 kilometers away, I cannot imagine what it feels to be at its feet...).

Sky movement over Mout Ararat. Erevan, Armenia.

Although the geometric shape of this double-peaked stratovolcano is that of a giant cone, from the distance it reminds me of the great pyramids of Egypt (note 1). With the difference that this organic «pyramid» began forming approximately about one million and half years ago (what would be equivalent  to more than18.700 generations if we consider for example an average life expectancy of 80 years) and it rises to an elevation of 5.137 m. (note 2).

Whether you look at it from a scientific, religious, spiritual... or any other perspective there is no doubt that the Ararat is a sleeping treasure that enchants and reminds us of the insignificance of the «human» being vis-á-vis great mother Earth.

 heaven and earth dancing over mount ararat

From a position of humbleness, silence and respect, we may one day understand its teachings and reveal that big mystery the book of Genesis and Armenian mythology (among many others) talk about: CREATION.

«Ararichn ararel e araratsin Araratum»

(Armenian saying: God created man in the land of Ararat)

For now, we continue admiring its beauty. Have a wonderful closure of 2023!


  • Note 1: Today the Great Pyramid of Giza is 138 m. high

  • Note 2: source Hawaiian Volcano Observatory via USGS

  • J.L.L has shared these images for Bubbles project. Commercial use is not authorized.


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