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«Life-saving» words in times of storm


«Life-saving» words in times of storm. Navigating through chaos and discovering its beauty

December 21st, 2022. Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Planet Earth.

Chaos is the great agent of transformation; we are currently immersed in it. Anyone who takes a look at the news can observe its signs all over the world: wars, political riots and all kinds of crisis, humanitarian, energy and natural resources, financial, environmental... a reflection of the deep transition we are experiencing, internally and externally, individually and collectively.

We are just beginning to navigate around the center of a perfect storm. We feel something very old and rooted that is no longer useful is coming to an end, both inside and outside ourselves, and at the same time, something "new" is making its way. The old refuses to "die" and the "new" has no clear shape or direction yet...

Therein lies its beauty. If you resist change because of fear or because you want to avoid the storm so you don't have to get out of your comfort zone, you risk drowning or being hard-hit. But if you decide to acept it as an essential part of life, you will find in due time the great message it has for you, for everyone.

The most important thing to sail in the dark is to find throughout the day small points of light where to focus and "rest" your attention. Today we are throwing one of those "life-saving" buoys... It is a gift we have received so we can open it and share it: an "old" handwritten note... One of those treasures hidden in shelves, drawers, old books... anywhere in the world... that someone left there at some point so they can come to light when necessary.

Here it is, as it is. No edit or layout... it is perfect the way it is:

«Life-saving» words in times of storm. Navigating through chaos and discovering its beauty

All human beings must treat each other as brothers and sisters because we are all equal in rights, free to choose. .
All human beings are equal in rights and dignity, free to choose and brothers and sisters to unite.

These words remind us of three fundamental principles: freedom, equality and fraternity (brotherhood) (possibly inspired by the French national motto and by the UN Declaration of Human rights, because the writer studied at the Sorbonne, lived for some time in Paris and also worked with the international organization). But above all they remind us something that is essential for this current moment: the freedom to choose.

Freedom is not "outside". It is not given by a government, a law, a boss, a bank account... it is not given (or taken away) by anyone. It is "something" each of us has to find inside ourselves. You are free to think. You are free to choose where you focus your attention, what thoughts you believe and to whom or to what you dedicate your time, your energy, your resources... you are already FREE...

You can choose to focus on the storm outside and get angry, sad, overwhelmed, and get exhausted trying to stop it... or you can choose to anchor in an ideal and trust that everything happens for a reason... let the storm guide you...

You are FREE TO CHOOSE, so go ahead, and choose.

Ah! and while you do, please remember to breath!

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