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72 Person Ball Passing

A «refuge» for the soul and artistic expression of principles and values that govern the Universe.

72 person ball passing. A «refuge» for the soul and artistic expression of principles and values that govern the Universe.

December 2022

Last October the World Goodwill Seminar took place in three consecutive sessions in Geneva, London and New York . A fabulous opportunity to acknowledge the number of people who, day by day, in all disciplines and all over the world are opening new paths...

I have discovered there Janice Garret 's (together with Charles Moulton) captivating and enlightening work. In her conference "Creativity- A pathway to connection and wholeness" Janice showed us how through dance, they combine movement, music and visuals to create , I would say, something more than theatrical performances; works of art that little by little take you to your deepest inner self.

With the mastery that is required to show something «complex» in a simple and elegant way, these choreographies reveal principles and values that govern the Universe: unity, diversity, movement, joy, harmony, sharing, group work, trust,love...

The number itself, 72, is very symbolic, but there is no need to explain or describe anything; you just have to (if you want to) stop for some minutes, watch it and feel it inside. Its magnetism is such that encourages you to integrate and express, with the joy of a child that has just received the most precious gift. some of "that" in your daily life.

The world has plenty of "safe places" anyone can go to when you feel disconnected from your heart (your inner "refuge"): a specific physical place, a book, a poem, a friend... These jewels in motion are certainly one of them.


Video (divulgative purpose only ) ©MoultonProductions.

More about Janice Garret +Charles Moulton :

Written by Blanca López García for Bubbles volumen 3: Vision, Universe and Creation.

December 2022.

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