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la empresa del corazon. Transformación de empresas


Exploring the art of life and creation... the way of the heart is a riveting inner journey that opens new ways of understanding existence in order to creatively contribute (each one with their own gifts and wisdom) to the evolution of the great human family and LIFE on EARTH.

A new identity

It is an individual journey (either a person or an organization); it requires introspection and transformation to rediscover one's true identity and creative power.

Unity Consciousness

It elevates individual and collective consciousness and allows the daily expression of universal values.


Peaceful Relationships

It settles new pillars for the relationships between people, with life on earth (animals, plants and minerals) and with other dimensions of the self.

Brilliant people & organizations

It raises the vibration of people and organizations; they become radiant, loftier and naturally magnetic.


Qualitative Management

It focuses the attention on qualitative management, service and intuitive actions.


Free circulation of capital

It releases blockages and scarcity consciousness allowing a new understanding, use and distribution of money and resources.

Inspiring voices...

Sphere on Spiral Stairs
Leon Tolstoi quote about transformation and change
Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing him (her) self.

Leon Tolstoi

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