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The spiritual enterprise: profit for all

More and more companies open up to the “spiritual” and to the idea that they too have (are) a light being (a higher version of themselves).

The spiritual "enterprise": profit for all. More and more companies open up to the “spiritual” and to the idea that they too have (are) a light being (a higher version of themselves).

Consciously or unconsciously, they look ( like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz) for that other place (read the article: "The other place: the return home and the government of the self. Bubbles Vol2.") : their home, their purpose, their raison d’être, their way to contribute and serve our society.

Like people, each company does it its own way because each company has its own personal ity: its way of “thinking” , its way of “ feeling” and its way of “doing". They too vibrate at a certain frequency and attract to themselves the experiences they need to learn and evolve.

The path that leads a company that lives in the illusion of duality to become one that manages and lives in unity consciousness (the spiritual enterprise) can be somehow compared to what in the finance world is known as capital cut or accordion (note 1). The company returns to “zero” , to its essence; it heals and transforms all that is no longer useful and makes room for new and higher frequency energies.

For thousands of years companies have used (and perfected) their executive ski l ls and their organizational techniques for individual purposes. In a way, business management is a form of meditation. A goal is set, a strategy is developed and all the resources and efforts required are allocated to achieve (manifest) the desired results by aligning an entire organization for that purpose.

Time, however, reveals what the intention and motives are as well as the distortion and the inconsistency between goals, words and actions.

Following with the capital cut simile, if we consider that share capital is the heart of a

company, its life energy distribution center, then the great opportunity they have now is to open their hearts, and use all that executive strength and knowledge to purify the purpose of their existence and to transform themselves.


A company can become a true server for humanity when she learns to live and manage from that other place. By aligning will , heart and intelligence and knowing that she is part of a larger whole she will be able to shape a new materiaism: structures and relationships based on the right use and development of all resources of the planet for the benefit and progress of the entire human race.

Company managing in duality:

organization managing from duality (consciousness of separation)

Company towards Unity:

Bubbles Vol 2. Profile of a Company moving  towards Unity consciousness


Note 1: The capital of a company is reduced to zero and immediately increased again for the purpose of restructuring and preparing the organization for a new stage.


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